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David Jensz: sculptor

by Jensz, David.

An exhibition of large scale sculptural constructions using the briquette as the main medium. Source: Solo Survey Exhibition Linkage Project, Tasmanian School of Art, UTAS ...

Substance and shadow

by Guy, Karen.

Installation and box works presenting ordinary objects in an extraordinary way. A new Art Povera, familiar consumer forms parody function. Source: Solo Survey Exhibition Linkage ...

Misbegotten bags

by Neilson, Robyn.

Gippsland artist Robyn Neilson explores the compulsion to shop, to look, to bargain, to consume and the paradox of attachment to both natural and artificial ...

Lionel Bawden

by Bawden, Lionel.

Artist file kept in State Library of Victoria Source: Solo Survey Exhibition Linkage Project, Tasmanian School of Art, UTAS Newcastle Gallery exhibition archive; (06/09/03)

New work

by Haselton, Louise.

Small scale sculptural works to site specific wall texts to works on paper, incorporating materials such as bronze, wood, paper, fabric and glass. Pieces function ...


by Currie, Bridget.

The processes are tactile and materials ordinary (old bath towels, carpet). Creating tensions between surface decoration and sculptural form, Bridget plays with notions of allegory ...

Scott Branden: electroentomorphics photonic, cybernetic machine creatures

by Branden, Scott.

Resident Artists project is sponsored by Royal & Sun Alliance. Innovative lighting and functional objects utilising new manufacturing technologies and recycled materials. Source: Solo Survey ...

Odysseys and oddities: Ralph Tikerpae, Lucy Buttenshaw and Pol Cruz

by Buttenshaw, Lucy, Cruz, Pol, Tikerpae, Ralph.

Three expressionist artists associated with West Wyalong and Forbes regions. Source: Solo Survey Exhibition Linkage Project, Tasmanian School of Art, UTAS ORG exhibition archive;

Habitat: Callum Morton

by Morton, Callum.

A model-based work that has evolved out of Morton's recent practice. The work is a 1:50 scale architectural model of a mass housing project that ...

Ari Purhonen: speed of light

by Purhonen, Ari.

This exhibition presented work spanning nearly two decades, including two major free-standing sculptures from 1986-87, and a series of new wall-mounted works titled 'Speed of ...

Ah Xian

by Suhanya, Raffel, Xian, Ah.

An exhibition featuring sculpture, including a life-size cloisonne enamel sculpture and busts in traditional lacquer-work and jade, together with an earlier group of porcelain busts. ...


by Albada, Duke.

Dimensions_ 9 m high, 5 m wide, 0.4 m deep. Location_ Stairwell offices of ANZDL & Contship, Pyrmont, Sydney Medium_ resin, roof sheeting, gold shim, ...

Clive Murray-White: the journey so far

by Murray-White, Clive.

A survey of Murray-White's sculpture. Source: Solo Survey Exhibition Linkage Project, Tasmanian School of Art, UTAS Latrobe Gallery exhibition archive

Three colours: Gordon Bennett and Peter Robinson

by Bennett, Gordon, Stanhope, Zara.

A Heide Museum of Modern Art Travelling Exhibition. A selection of works spanning from early in the artists' careers, overviews exhibited side by side. Source: ...

A hand passing through art and architecture: Peter Burns

by Burns, Peter, Evans, Doug, Stanhope, Zara.

Survey exhibition of the architectural and creative practice of John Reed's associate Peter Burns who designed the Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tavistock Place in 1956 ...

Nelson / Post

by Kent, Richard, Nelson, Jan.

This exhibition represents the third in the MCA's series positioning the work of an Australian artist alongside that of an international peer, Jan Nelson & ...

Jacky Redgate: survey 1980-2003, survey II

by Redgate, Jacky.

NSW Government Ministry for the Arts, and the Gordon Darling Foundation. Project #5 in the series CONTEMPORARY VISUAL ART PROJECTS SA 2004. The second of ...

I’ve been in love forever – A Survey Exhibition 1990 – 2005

by Jones, Tim.

This survey exhibition of the art of Time Jones included, amongst other works, 23 small bronze sculptures of windswept trees and an installation comprised of ...

Crying man 4

by Jones, Lyndal.

A new series of photographic works, interactive video installations and other more sculptural works. From the series 'Tears for What was Done' with Kate Richards. ...

Intersecting geometries: Nuha Saad and Mimi Tong

by Saad, Nhua, Tong, Mimi.

Tension between scale, weight, gravity, colour and texture expressed through materiality is explored forming a dynamic relationship between the installation and site. Funded by the ...