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Berusowski, Schura
Ceramic sculptor, modeller and classically trained Russian ceramicist.
Redpath, Norma, b. 1928
Norma Redpath was a leading sculptor of the generation who emerged after World War II. Her success was even more remarkable as her career was ...
Shaw, Marina Philomena, b. 1903
Painter, china painter, ceramic sculptor and designer who in the1940s won a scholarship to the Slade School of Art but was unable to take it ...
Harvey, Anthony John Heriot, b. 1930
Harvey was a designer,sculptor, cartoonist, illustrator, print-maker, map maker and author. He also had an extensive career as an educator in Victoria. Especially noted for ...
1956 Olympic Arts Festival

by Bunning, Neville Murnane, Dale, Oliver James, Douglas, Mollie, Englund, Ivan, Featherston, Grant, Hughan, Harold Randolph, Keys, Eileen, Laycock, Donald, Lowe, Allan, Mahood, Marguerite, McMeekin, Ivan, Meadmore, Clement, Pate, Klytie, Rushforth, Peter, Sutherland, Dorothy, Wilkinson, Jeffery.

Olympic Arts Festival 1956 - Melbourne’s Cultural Olympiad. Architecture & sculpture - Uni of Melb. Painting & Drawing - NGV, Literature - Melb Public Library. ...

1956 Olympic Arts Festival, Melbourne

by Rodriquez, John.

1956 Olympic Arts Festival, Melbourne. Melbourne’s Cultural Olympiad included five significant exhibitions: architecture and sculpture at the University of Melbourne’s Wilson Hall; painting and drawing ...