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Raft, Emanuel, b. 1938
The Egyptian born Emanuel Raft brought a cosmopolitan perspecive to the way he approached painting, sculpture and design. He was also a teacher and mentor ...
Harvey, Anthony John Heriot, b. 1930
Harvey was a designer,sculptor, cartoonist, illustrator, print-maker, map maker and author. He also had an extensive career as an educator in Victoria. Especially noted for ...
Slow Crawl to Infinity

by Ananda, Roy.

Installation at the Samstag Museum

Fabricated Nature

by Horne, Anna, Marsh, Claire.

Contrasting ideas of transience, permanence, and transformation can be found in Fabricated Nature. Sculptor Anna Horne and multi-disciplinary artist Claire Marsh present a selection of ...

lean to

by Jones, Jonathan.

mdf wood, tarpaulin, flourescent lights

mdf wood, tarpaulin, flourescent lights

abstract | narrative

by Thompson, Yve.

An exhibition of works by Tom Borgas (SA), Kristian Glynn (Vic) and Yve Thompson (SA) Abstract: of or relating to the formal aspect of art, ...

Stilled Life

by Thring, Cassie.

In Stilled Life, Thring confronts her personal dilemma with the ambiguous nature of taxidermy ‘trophy’ heads, which conflictingly represent achievement and death. Inspired by early ...

The Breath Within, Defiance Gallery 2015

by Johnson Larkin, Anita.

THE BREATH WITHIN Sculpture and Collage by Anita Larkin Defiance Gallery. 6 May-30th May 2015 catalogue published. film also made by Caroline Baum and Ashley ...


by Krauth, Alinta Kiri.

An interactive projection mapping onto wall-hung sculpture. The audience uses a controller created specifically for this work by the artist to create images of plants ...

interactive digital work projection mapped to sculpture