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Wall sculpture

by Harvey, Anthony John Heriot.

Harvey produced a series of wall sculptures at his Eltham studio using plaster embedded with moulded clay shapes, scrap material and found objects.

Covert 7 city

by Jones, Tim.

340 x 206 x 250 cm A(irreg.) 43 x 53 x 26 cm B(irreg.)

Multi-media, wood , bitumen, steel, lead, ink, paint, cord

Models for Florentia

by Owen, Robert George.

Studio view; 20 x 20 x 20 cm (approx.); edition 45 production: Artery Cooperative Ltd (Luke Adams, Hilary Jackman, Jeph Neale, Andrew Sinclair and Peter ...

painted steel

Mysterious friend

by Walker, Deborah.

Deakin University Art Gallery

Barbed Wire Wedding Dress

by Llewelyn, Clare.

"The Barbed Wire Wedding Dress, a nasty life-size number that makes even the Emmanuels nightmares look comfortable. Andre Breton, spiritual mentor of Surrealism, would just ...



by Albada, Duke.

Dimensions_ 9 m high, 5 m wide, 0.4 m deep. Location_ Stairwell offices of ANZDL & Contship, Pyrmont, Sydney Medium_ resin, roof sheeting, gold shim, ...

I wrote a letter to my love

by Llewelyn, Clare.

Private Collection, Sydney


Mantle of Motherhood

by Llewelyn, Clare.

'In similar opened vein, (Barbed Wire Wedding Dress), her magnificent Mantle of Motherhood attacks another social bastion with a mixture of scrap metal and scathing ...


The Batchelor

by Llewelyn, Clare.

Solo Exhibition


Wind in the billows

by Hannigan, Shelley.

Geelong Botanic Gardens Courtesy of: Deakin University.

lean to

by Jones, Jonathan.

mdf wood, tarpaulin, flourescent lights

mdf wood, tarpaulin, flourescent lights


by Krauth, Alinta Kiri.

An interactive projection mapping onto wall-hung sculpture. The audience uses a controller created specifically for this work by the artist to create images of plants ...

interactive digital work projection mapped to sculpture