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Berusowski, Schura
Ceramic sculptor, modeller and classically trained Russian ceramicist.
Shaw, Marina Philomena, b. 1903
Painter, china painter, ceramic sculptor and designer who in the1940s won a scholarship to the Slade School of Art but was unable to take it ...
Wilson, Heather, b. 1961
Wilson is a ceramicist exploring hand-built (hand-shaped and/or carved) animal forms.
Colin and Cecily Rigg Craft Award 1994

by Benwell, Stephen, Flood, Noel, Murphy, Fiona, Preston, Reg, Rye, Owen, Spronk, Petrus, Venables, Prue.

The Colin & Cecily Rigg Craft Award 1994 National Gallery of Victoria. Winner - Neville Assad-Salha $30,000 "... It is dedicated to ceramics and the ...

Victorian Artists Society 2002

by Flood, Noel, Harding, William .

A collaboration between Noel Flood, ceramist and William 'Bill' Harding, painter. Noel and Bill spent time working in each others studios over a number of ...

Rustic Simplicity

by Hook, Peter R.

A Curiosity / Gift Shop and Gallery / Lounge located @ The Shear ‘N’ shedS (Blokes’ Only Barber Shop) 74 Grant Street. Alexandra, Victoria. Gallery ...