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Gravina, Dave, b.
Dave Gravina is an activist and company director of Digital Design and Production company. He is involved in multiple collaborations in digital spaces.
Fox, Len
Journalist, artist, social activist
See you at the barricades

by Robinson, Macushla.

See you at the barricades calls attention to a ‘dissident aesthetic’ emerging in contemporary art. Increasingly, artists are adapting images of 20th-century protest movements, using ...

Anderson, Louise Kate, b. 1987
Sydney based conceptual artist, creative director & arts worker in the arts/ disability sector.
Glass-Kantor, Alexi
Alexie Glass-Kantor is the Executive Director of Artspace in Sydney. She first worked as a curator at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in ...
Rea, , b. 1962
r e a is an artist whose works across a number of art forms and new-media interdisciplinary arts practices.
Artists and activists engaged with the politics and issues of space in the city. Beginning in the 'Broadway Squats' in 2000, Squatspace later evolved into ...