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Berusowski, Schura
Ceramic sculptor, modeller and classically trained Russian ceramicist.
Shaw, Marina Philomena, b. 1903
Painter, china painter, ceramic sculptor and designer who in the1940s won a scholarship to the Slade School of Art but was unable to take it ...
Brown -1970's ceramics from the Shepparton Art Gallery collection

by Danko, Alex, Dodd, Margaret, Flood, Noel, Greenaway, Victor, Hanssen Pigott, Gwyn, Hughan, Harold Randolph, Levy, Col, Memmott, Harry.

Exhibitors Harold Hughan - Noel Flood - Harry Memmott Victor Greenaway - Gwyn Hanssen Pigott Doug Alexander - Les Blakebrough David Bradshaw - Joan Campbell ...