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Berusowski, Schura
Ceramic sculptor, modeller and classically trained Russian ceramicist.
Shaw, Marina Philomena, b. 1903
Painter, china painter, ceramic sculptor and designer who in the1940s won a scholarship to the Slade School of Art but was unable to take it ...
Wilson, Heather, b. 1961
Wilson is a ceramicist exploring hand-built (hand-shaped and/or carved) animal forms.
Watt, Alan, b. 1941
Alan Watt is an important figure in Australian and international ceramics. His sculptural ceramics and more recently his metal forms describe man's manipulation of the ...
Colin and Cecily Rigg Craft Award 1994

by Benwell, Stephen, Flood, Noel, Murphy, Fiona, Preston, Reg, Rye, Owen, Spronk, Petrus, Venables, Prue.

The Colin & Cecily Rigg Craft Award 1994 National Gallery of Victoria. Winner - Neville Assad-Salha $30,000 "... It is dedicated to ceramics and the ...

Brown -1970's ceramics from the Shepparton Art Gallery collection

by Danko, Alex, Dodd, Margaret, Flood, Noel, Greenaway, Victor, Hanssen Pigott, Gwyn, Hughan, Harold Randolph, Levy, Col, Memmott, Harry.

Exhibitors Harold Hughan - Noel Flood - Harry Memmott Victor Greenaway - Gwyn Hanssen Pigott Doug Alexander - Les Blakebrough David Bradshaw - Joan Campbell ...

Victorian Artists Society 2002

by Flood, Noel, Harding, William .

A collaboration between Noel Flood, ceramist and William 'Bill' Harding, painter. Noel and Bill spent time working in each others studios over a number of ...

Rustic Simplicity

by Hook, Peter R.

A Curiosity / Gift Shop and Gallery / Lounge located @ The Shear ‘N’ shedS (Blokes’ Only Barber Shop) 74 Grant Street. Alexandra, Victoria. Gallery ...