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Bradbury, T. W., b. 1855
T.W. Bradbury was a decorator whose ornamental panel was shown at the Colonial and Indian Exhibition in London in 1886.
Fellows, Richard
Sign writer, banner painter, artistic decorator and delineator of illuminated addresses, painter in oils. Fellows exhibited with the West Australian Society of Arts in 1920.
Roth, A. Constance, b. 1859
Constance Roth, painter, cartoonist, decorative artist, art teacher and journalist, taught life drawing at Julian Ashton's in 1885. She departed Australia in 1892, travelling to ...
Sherratt, Norman, b.
Pottery decorator who worked in England for Royal Doulton.

by Benwell, Stephen.

Ceramic, stoneware, partially glazed sauce-boat 20.1 h x 30.1 w x 12.0 d cm


Andrew, Carl, b. 1939
Carl Andrew had a distinguished career as a curator specialising in Australian colonial art and decorative arts.
Benwell, Stephen, b. 1953
Highly acclaimed contemporary Australian ceramicist working in, and counter to, craft traditions.
Darton, Edith Rebecca Trumble, b. 1888
China painter who was a student of Flora Landells at her Maylands School of Art in Perth.
Davis, Brian , b. 1930
Davis founded the Decor Corporation in Melbourne in 1958, a specialist designing and manufacturing firm specialising in homewares. Employing a number of Australian industrial designers, ...
Fabbro, Rinaldo, b.
Fabbro is an Italian-born architect establishing Fabbrostone P/L ca.1964 in Sydney specialising in the use of prefabricated concrete. He developed distinctive finishes and pre-cast panels ...
Gordon, Clive
Gordon was a china painter and artist-decorator for Bristile's 'Wembley Ware'.
Goatcher, Phil, b. 1851
Phillip William Goatcher, a theatrical scene painter, was born in England in 1851, trained in 1867 as an apprentice scene painter in Melbourne, where he ...
Rosenstengel, Edmund, b. 1887
Rosenstengel appears to be the principal of Rosenstengel Brisbane, a designer and maker of domestic furniture.
Brown, Kerrie
Brown is the principal of the Sydney based Kerrie Brown Design Studio producing wallpapers, fabrics and textiles for commercial, hospitality and residential projects. She is ...
Unexpected catch

by Dyumin, Yelena.

Original artwork by Yelena Dyumin -

acrylic on canvas