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Baumgartner, Damien
Damien Baumgartner, Tasmanian-based painter, investigates the haunting quality of urban dystopic landscapes.
Tristram, John William, b. 1870
Self-taught English-born painter who arrived in Sydney as a child in 1883. He was a resident of Mosman for most of his life and was ...
Hilder, Jesse Jewhurst, b. 1881
Hilder's delicate, sensitive landscape watercolours were enthusiastically received when they were first exhibited in the early years of the century. This was in part because ...
Makin, Jeffrey, b. 1943
Jeffrey Makin is a renowned Australian artist best known for his en plein air landscape paintings. Active from 1961, his work follows in the tradition ...
Roberts-Goodwin, Lynne, b. 1954
Lynne Roberts-Goodwin's work is grounded in a deep concern for nature and humanity. Her strategic partnerships with industrial and scientific communities underpin photographic artworks relating ...
Smart, Jeffrey, b. 1921
With a career lasting over sixty years the Adelaide born artist Jeffrey Smart was an expatriate realist painter best known for his depiction of isolated ...
Wilson, Beth, b. 1934
Wilson is a landscape architect working in Queensland. In Brisbane, she is considered an pioneer of landscape design on/in multi-storey buildings. After training, she joined ...
Continent XI

by Hunter, Philip.

203.6 x 244.0 cm

oil on canvas

North Head from above Balmoral, Sydney Harbour

by Martens, Conrad.

Other titles: Entrance to Sydney Harbour



by Whiteley, Brett.

65.5 x 85.8cm board; 83.8 x 95.6 x 2.9cm frame

oil on canvas on board

Behrendt, Peter, b.
Behrends was a designer/architect/engineer working in a time when the boundaries between these disciplines were fluid. Active in Victoria, he proposed designs for bridges, landscape ...
Coulthard, Selma Nunay , b. 1954
Selma Nunay Coulthard began painting after she was stolen from her family as a child, and taken to Ntaria (Hermannsburg Mission). Here she became aware ...
Grounds, Ross, b. 1949
Ross Grounds was one of the pioneers of environmentally aware art, using a playful understanding of the rhythms of nature, which he incorporated with a ...
Loefler, Wendy, b.
Sydney-based landscape artist known for her expansive charcoal drawings of the desert regions of Australia, night skies and Antarctica.
Owtram, Elizabeth Ann, b. 1864
Miss E. A. Owtram both exhibited and taught painting in Perth i from the 1890s to the 1920s.