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Campbell, Jonathon, b.
Art teacher and administrator. Campbell undertook art classes at Midland Junction Technical School under Flora Landells. He exhibited with the Perth Society of Artists in ...
Cook, Eileen, b. 1906
Eileen Cook was born in 1906. She was a sculptor and modeller. Cook earned her living as a commercial artist, primarily as an illustrator, drawing ...
Lang, Nellie
Sculptor and a clay modeller who exhibited with the West Australian Society of Arts in 1896.
Rushby, Charlotte, b. 1833
Charlotte Rushby was about nineteen when she made the model cottage, now in the Powerhouse Museum. She also made a model of an Aboriginal camp ...
Berusowski, Schura
Ceramic sculptor, modeller and classically trained Russian ceramicist.
Smith, Richard Bartholomew
Enigmatic figure who created a highly sophisticated, functioning model of the astronomical clock in Strasbourg Cathedral in France. The model is in the collection of ...