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Warburton, Ethel M, b. 1894
Porcelain painter Ethel Warbuton (née Beavis), was born in Glenn Innes, NSW, 1894. Warburton was married to Raymond Parker Warburton (also a porcelain painter), they ...
Englund, Ivan, b. 1915
Ivan Englund was one of the founders of the Potters' Society of New South Wales in 1956. He taught at the Wollongong and East Sydney ...
Blakebrough, Les, b. 1930
Renowned ceramicist and ceramics educator based in Tasmania.
DeBoos, Janet
Canberra-based designer and ceramicist known for her fine handmade porcelain vessels.
Henderson, Essie, b.
Essie Henderson (née Gosper), illuminator and painter, was active in Sydney in the early twentieth century. She worked with her father, Clarence Gosper, at John ...
Venables, Prue
Widely exhibited and collected ceramicist based in Melbourne. In addition to her artistic practice, she has designed porcelain tableware for production in Japan.
Erickson, Dorothy, b. 1939
West Australian jeweller Dorothy Erickson has always reached out to a global audience with her elegant precise pieces, which are often based on elements found ...
Thompson, Mark, b. 1949
Thompson is a painter, ceramicist and theatre/event designer with work for the Australian Opera, the State Theatre Company of South Australia and other professonal companies.
Currie, Ian, b. 1941
Ian Currie was a Queensland potter who specialised in Japanese inspired glazes on his stoneware and porcelain pots. He died after suffering from various forms ...
Press to Play
Ceramic tableware company established by Paul Davis and Jacqueline Clayton.
McConnell, Carl, b. 1926
Chicago born Carl McConnell became the most significant potter in post World War II Brisbane as he introduced porcelain and stone firing techniques to Brisbane. ...