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Warren, Marie, b. 1968
Screen printer Marie Warren is of the Arababa language group. She was trained by Ollie Henstridge c.1988-90.
Armstrong, Rosemary, b. 1948
Fashion designer Rosemary Armstrong (b. 1948) launched her label, Tea Rose, in 1981. Tea Rose is known for its ultra-feminine clothes that are made of ...
Chorley, Betty
Chorley is interviewed and identified as a textile designer with training at the Sydney Technical College in an article in Australian House and Garden in ...
Slorach, Bruce
Slorach worked as a designer as part of Slorach and Thorn, Melbourne. They produced textile designs, accessory designs and graphic works.
Taplin, Bea, b. 1911
Taplin was an interior designer and textile designer working from a studio in Toorak Road, South Yarra, later "Colour Cottage", Murphy Street, South Yarra. Her ...
Albanis, Jenni, b.
Jenni Albanis was a Melbourne quilt maker who was active in the 1980s. The daughter of a dress-maker, Albanis was part of the Australian Quilter’s ...
Alexander, Brett, b. 1963
Brett Alexander is an artist-researcher-teacher working in textile arts and crafts.
Andrew, Florence
An apprentice dressmaker from Hurstville, New South Wales. Andrews designed and made a collection of ties between 1911–12.
Kaldor, John, b. 1936
After arriving Australia & completing secondary school, Kaldor trained in design under Johannes Itten at Textilfachschule, Zürich. His first position was with Seker Fabrics, UK, ...
Barakat, Nicole, b. 1977
Nicole Barakat is an artist who works to examine the intersections between different forms of art including textiles, drawing, performance and installation.
Foster, Isabel, b. 1921
Foster works in textiles with stitching techniques, knotting, crochet, in a eclectic range of forms. He has a special interest in recycling and repurposing materials. ...
Foster, Una, b. 1912
Foster was a painter, printmaker and textile artist. She studied at East /Sydney Technical College (diploma 1934), later in England 1950-51. Her work was widely ...
Golland, Karen, b. 1977
Artist who lives and works in Central West NSW
Herzger, Gertrude, b. 1901
According to interviews and an investigation by architect Bruce Eeles, Herzger studied at the Bauhaus, Weimar in 1919-1920. Herzger drawings for Walter Gropius's design for ...
Isogawa, Akira, b. 1964
Internationally acclaimed Australian fashion designer based in Sydney. He has had a long association with the Sydney Dance Company as a designer of their costumes.
Joynes, Heather, b. 1923
Joynes was an embroiderer and needleworker working in Sydney. She was an active member of the Embroiderers Guild NSW, exhibiting in their exhibitions and other ...
Rodriquez, John, b. 1929
Rodriquez is a textile designer and manufacturer with training at Melbourne Technical College (later RMIT). He studied industrial design and begun making greeting cards in ...
Rodriquez, John , b. 1929
See John Rodriquez (textile designer)
Stansfield, Jill
Stansfield was a textile designer, initially working for commercial firms such as Clunes Ross Packman and Comspring Fabrics. The designer was noted for her colour ...
Thorn, Sara
Thorn worked as a designer as part of Slorach and Thorn, Melbourne. They produced textile designs, accessory designs and graphic works.