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Stannage, Miriam, b. 1939
Conceptual artist concerned with the politics of representation, appropriation and particularly photography, working frequently with text, found images and assemblage.
Behind every building

by Mathieson, Sheena.

Charcoal, paper, gesso, wood, 27x39x22cm

Staunton, Madonna, b. 1938
Madonna Staunton, who spent all her working life in Brisbane, was best known for her precise, assemblages and collages, but she also painted. Her works ...
It cuts both ways


120 x 46 x 10 cm “Referring to the balance between gender and races, the bold sculpture suggests that any potential movement of either pair ...

carved salvaged Huon pine, fabric, shears, paint


by Kraus, Tunni.

A collaboration between, Brendan Bensky, Tunni Kraus and ronch willner, Domain, despite it's surface diversity, is an installation deeply contextualised within the substructure frameworks of ...

new media