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Crowley, Stephen, b. 1966
Comic strip artist/cartoon illustrator/web cartoonist
"It's the way they draw these wretched tables."

by Harvey, Anthony John Heriot.

The Bulletin Book - a selection from the 1960's Melbourne: F.W.Cheshire, 1966, p.50

Stitt, Alexander, b. 1937
Stitt was an artist, illustrator, graphic designer and animator trained at Melbourne Technical College (later RMIT) and began working in film in the late 1950s. ...
Berry, Vanessa, b. 1978
Vanessa Berry first came to public attention in 1995 with her zine cartoon 'Psychobabble'. In 2012 she began her blog, Mirror Sydney, which was published ...
Leak, Bill, b. 1956
Leak began his career with art lessons, briefly attending the Julian Ashton School, Sydney. In 1982, he began cartooning, working for the Bulletin, then the ...
Harvey, Anthony John Heriot, b. 1930
Harvey was a designer,sculptor, cartoonist, illustrator, print-maker, map maker and author. He also had an extensive career as an educator in Victoria. Especially noted for ...
The Mysterious Vanessa – CMYK (a page from ‘Artists as Cartoonists, or Extended Black and White’)

by Ormella, Raquel.

Raquel Ormella, Working with the writings of Joan Kerr, Vanessa Berry, the DAAO (Design and Art Australia Online) UNSW Australia. The Mysterious Vanessa – CMYK ...

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