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Cairns, Allan Dreghorn, b. 1865
Allan Dreghorn Cairns was born in 1865. He was an amateur woodcarver and engineer. Examples of his woodcarving are found in the house Nyleeta designed ...
Cassellas, John, b.
John Cassellas was born in Spain. He was a woodcarver. Cassellas worked on three altars for the chapels of St Gertrude's and St Benedict's at ...
Chan, Alfred, b. 1853
Alfred Chan was born in 1853. He was a woodcarver and upholsterer who was listed in the 1884-89 Almanacks. Chan was based in Western Australia.
Crotty, James
Woodcarver, timber worker, blacksmith and engineer from Mt Helena, Western Australia. His son Henry died and in 1881 Crotty carved a grave marker for the ...
Davies, Kate, b. 1899
In the 1890s Kate Davies carved a picture frame that is now in the Augusta Historical Museum.
Mrs Deans was a painter and woodcarver. She exhibited with the West Australian Society of Arts 1908.
Dods, Mary Mariam, b. 1867
A woodcarver and embroiderer, Mary Dods actively contributed to the interior designs of her husbands architectural projects. An American by birth she used Australian motifs ...
Dowling, James, b. 1826
James Dowling was born in 1826. He was a woodcarver and joiner.
Englund, Harold Andrew, b. 1906
Furniture maker, silversmith and woodcarver who studied at Perth Technical School under J. W. R. Linton.
Francis, Pansy Georgina, b. 1884
Pansy Georgina Francis was born in 1884 in Auckland, New Zealand. In 1908 she passed a woodcarving exam at Fremantle Technical School. Over the years ...
Gill, Edwin Truscott
Woodcarver and photographer. In 1874 Gill was working with photographer Alfred Chopin as they toured the country taking photographs.
Layman, Marion St Clair, b. 1869
Marion St Clair Layman was born in 1869. She was a woodcarver who assisted Gordon Holdsworth carving the church pulpit in Bridgetown, Western Australia. She ...
Murray, William Brinley, b. 1889
Woodcarver and sculptor who exhibited with the West Australian Society of Arts in 1925.
Priest, K.
Exhibited a carved frame with the West Australian Society of Arts.
Prinsep, Emily Frances, b. 1874
She won the competition for "the design of a frieze with a distinctly Australian motif" in 1909.
Prunster, Augustine, b. 1828
Noted for his work in the construction of churches at York, Guildford and Subiaco.
Raventrunk, G.
Woodcarver associated with the West Australian Society of Arts.
Richardson-Bunbury, Amelia Mildred, b. 1862
Amateur woodcarver, photographer and botanical collector lived in Busselton, WA.
Stephens, William, b. 1857
Stephens was a woodcarver for Smith & Co.