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Clare Llewelyn, born Brisbane, Queensland, always had a strong interest in Sculpture. After joining the QLD Sculpture Society in the late 70’s she met and was mentored by established sculptors, Len and Kath Shillam. With their belief and enthusiastic encouragement Clare pursued her journey in creating 3D Art. Ultimately this experience led to welding steel and using found objects as a metaphor to express personal and social statements.

Early works, 'Shinto’ and 'The Political Party’ were selected for the Lillian Pedersen Award and exhibited at the QLD Art Gallery in 1980 and 1982 respectively.

In 1983 Clare was represented by the Irving Sculpture Gallery and her first show 'Between Idea and Image’, included the work, 'Barbed Wire Wedding Dress’. This work became a potent image.

Clare was one of four Artists invited by the Irving Gallery to participate in the exhibition – 'Inside Out’, a Satellite Show of the 5th Biennale. Her 3 works, 'Mantle of Motherhood’, 'Lead Letters’ and 'No Man’s Land’ were exhibited.

The last decade has seen an energising and enriching foray into designing curriculums and teaching art to students with disabilities.

Clare’s most recent works are paintings which celebrate her move to the country inspired by the landscape. 3D Sculpture continues to be a constant, incorporating old farming tools and found objects.


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