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Gordon Hickmott has been making pottery since 1975 studying Ceramics under Harry Memmott at Prahran College where he graduated in 1980 and set up a small kiln in Elsternwick. At this time Gordon also worked at RMIT, within the Department of Architecture, and with the Arts Train (CAE), which toured rural communities in north-western Victoria, providing opportunities for people to engage in crafts and art.

In the late 70s and early 80s he was involved with the ROAR Studios collective in Fitzroy. During this time he developed life-long relationships with painters and over the years has worked with many to create forms on which these artists have applied their designs. In the 1990s his work was shown in touring shows of Roar Studios, including at Shepparton Regional Gallery and Heide Gallery, and he has worked on many occasions with Mark Schaller and the late David Larwill on collaborative pieces for private commissions and exhibitions.

Gordon is known for his large open terracotta and stoneware bowls and when not working with others he concentrates on domestic ware with particular interest in the Japanese traditions and in developing expertise in reduction-fired glazes.

Gordon teaches ceramics from Brixton Street Pottery, his studio.


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