Commercial and watercolour artist, was born in Goulburn, NSW, daughter of a railway worker. Her aunt was Louisa Lawson, mother of Henry Lawson. The Albury family moved from Goulburn to Hornsby c.1911 and Winn studied art at East Sydney Technical College. She travelled to the USA in the 1920s where she worked as a commercial artist at Sacramento, California. After returning to Sydney, she seems to have worked as a commercial artist in the 1930s.

A collection of Winn Albury’s designs, mostly for lampshades, arrived at Historic Houses Trust (NSW) in 1998 with the part of the Lorenzini archive that had been auctioned in 1995 as part of her deceased estate. Watercolours by both Winn and her sister Ethel were included, along with a large volume of material by Augusto Lorenzini (1852-1921).

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