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Thake, Eric, b. 1904
Mid 20th century Melbourne surrealist, graphic and commercial artist and illustrator, designer and painter. A mural by Thake for the ETA peanut butter factory, Braybrook ...
Updated May 9, 2021
Maddock, Bea, b. 1934
Bea Maddock was one of the nation's most accomplished contemporary printmakers. She worked across a range of media including encaustic painting, screen-printing, drypoint, handmade paper ...
Updated Dec. 17, 2020
Counihan, Noel, b. 1913
Important mid 20th century Melbourne political painter, printmaker, cartoonist and caricaturist.
Updated Oct. 22, 2020
Lindsay, Norman, b. 1879
Extremely well-known Australian artist, author and cartoonist, Lindsay produced a prolific number of illustrations, cartoons, prints, drawings and paintings throughout his career. He worked as ...
Updated Aug. 11, 2020
Power, Harold Septimus, b. 1877
Harold Septimus Power: a New Zealand-born early to mid-twentieth century Australian artist who specialised in animal painting, especially equine subjects. Appointed an official war artist ...
Updated Jan. 24, 2020
Coffey, Alfred R., b. 1869
Painter and etcher, born in Limerick, Ireland. Resident of Sydney, NSW, in May 1923 he probably became the first Australian artist to visit and paint ...
Updated Jan. 24, 2020
Paterson, Esther, b. 1892
Mid 20th century Melbourne cartoonist, painter and commercial artist. Sister of fellow artist Betty Paterson.
Updated Dec. 16, 2019
Kemp, Roger, b. 1908
The Melbourne based Roger Kemp developed his angular abstract paintings and prints in harmony with his deep felt spiritual values. Although he was hailed at ...
Updated May 25, 2019
Sherrin, Francis Clinton, b. 1893
Landscape painter who was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal in 1954 for his services to art in Queensland.
Updated May 6, 2019
Mitelman, Allan, b. 1946
Minimalist painter and printmaker who was born in Poland and arrived in Australia in 1953. In 2004, a major survey of his works on paper ...
Updated May 6, 2019
Kahan, Louis, b. 1905
Louis Kahan was a versatile, multi-talented artist and designer. He served in the French Foreign Legion and worked as a tailor in Paris where he ...
Updated May 6, 2019
Updated May 6, 2019
Mahony, Francis William, b. 1905
Mid 20th century Sydney cartoonist, illustrator, commercial artist and printmaker, Mahoney was sacked from the Daily Telegraph in 1945 after refusing to draw a certain ...
Updated May 1, 2019
Nolan, Sidney, b. 1917
Sir Sidney Nolan, the son of a Melbourne tram driver, became one of Australia's most celebrated and honoured artists. His Ned Kelly series made him ...
Updated March 18, 2019
Cobb, Victor Ernest, b. 1876
Etcher and woodcut printmaker. Cobb worked as a professional printmaker in Victoria from the 1920s.
Updated Feb. 8, 2019
Lindsay, Ruby, b. 1887
Early 20th century Melbourne and London illustrator and cartoonist. Member of the influential Lindsay and (by marriage) Dyson families. She won several awards in her ...
Updated Jan. 16, 2019
Koskie, Jack Louis, b. 1914
Koskie was a representational painter and graphic designer. He was the chief designer of the Commonwealth Office of Education (Sydney) Sydney and the Tasmanian Government ...
Updated Oct. 3, 2017
Ostoja-Kotkowski, Stanislaus, b. 1922
Joseph Stanislaw Ostoja-Kotkowski, abstract expressionist painter, theatre set designer, photographer, experimental film producer and light and sound artist was born in Golub, Poland in 1922 ...
Updated Sept. 6, 2017
Updated Aug. 10, 2017
Updated Aug. 10, 2017
Lindsay, Lionel, b. 1874
The first member of the prolific Lindsay family to become a professional illustrator. A constant experimenter with photography and etching, Lionel Lindsay became a dominant ...
Updated Sept. 8, 2015
Hilder, Jesse Jewhurst, b. 1881
Hilder's delicate, sensitive landscape watercolours were enthusiastically received when they were first exhibited in the early years of the century. This was in part because ...
Updated July 17, 2015
Klein, Deborah, b. 1951
A printmaker whose woodblock and linocut prints have been widely published. Klein was Highly Commended in the 1996 Silk Cut Acquisitive Award for Linocut Prints. ...
Updated March 16, 2015
Sibley, Irena, b. 1944
A printmaker and illustrator. She published several children's books including, 'The Bird Woman' and 'When the Sun Took the Colour Away', all decorated with her ...
Updated Nov. 5, 2014
Veal, Hayward, b. 1913
Painter, art lecturer and critic who was associated with the Max Meldrum School of Painting in Melbourne and Sydney
Updated Oct. 31, 2014