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Smith, Grace Cossington, b. 1892
Painter, born in Neutral Bay, Sydney. A student of Dattilo Rubbo, Cossington Smith was quick to absorb modernist ideas and in 1915 exhibited 'The Sock ...
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Stringer, John, b. 1937
John Stringer was the innovative exhibition officer at the National Gallery of Victoria who was the guiding spirit behind The Field of 1968. Later he ...
Updated July 22, 2019
Missingham, Hal, b. 1906
Western Australian born painter, photographer, illustrator and author. He also had an active interest in design issues authoring a book, "Design Focus" for architects, craftworkers ...
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Updated June 7, 2019
Annear, Judy, b. 1951
Judy Annear first made her reputation as an incisive curator of contemporary art in Melbourne and then in Sydney. She was for many years the ...
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Roberts, Tom, b. 1856
One of Australia's most iconic painters, Tom Roberts was an early champion of plein-air painting and together with Frederick McCubbin, Roberts helped establish the famous ...
Updated Feb. 8, 2019
Brook, Donald, b. 1927
The. Yorkshire born Donald Brook first established a reputation as a sculptor, but his most significant impact on Australian art was as the intellectually rigorous ...
Updated Jan. 27, 2019
North, Ian, b. 1945
Former curator Ian North is an independent artist and writer based in Adelaide. He is represented in many public collections around Australia including Artbank, National ...
Updated Jan. 11, 2019
Butler, Roger
As the first Curator of Australian Prints and Drawings at the National Gallery of Australia, Roger Butler both shaped the country's most extensive collection of ...
Updated Sept. 28, 2018
Thomas, Daniel, b. 1931
Daniel Thomas is has been a continuing major force in Australian art curatorship since he was first appointed to the Art Gallery of NSW as ...
Updated Jan. 4, 2018
Hoff, Ursula, b. 1909
Hoff took a Doctorate in Hamburg, Germany and in Australia, she became assistant curator, Prints and Drawings, National Gallery of Australia. By 1949, she was ...
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Updated Oct. 3, 2017
Thoms, Albie, b. 1941
Theatre director, film maker and curator. Founder of Ubu Films, editor of Ubu News, co-founder of the Ginger Meggs Memorial School of Art, participant in ...
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Updated July 24, 2017
Clark, Jane
Jane Clark with Bridget Whitelaw curated Golden Summers, the groundbreaking exhibition of Australian Impressionism. She later became the research curator for David Walsh's innovative MONA ...
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Updated July 22, 2017
Updated July 22, 2017
Bunbury, Alisa
Alisa Bunbury began her curatorial career as an intern in the Baiiieu Library Print Room at the University of Melbourne before being awarded the Harold ...
Updated July 19, 2017
Broadbent, James
Curator, architectural historian, architect and cartoonist.
Updated July 11, 2017
Updated July 11, 2017
Boddington, Jennie, b. 1922
Jennie Boddington was the first curator of photography to be appointed in Australia. She was responsible for the National Gallery of Victoria's photography collection from ...
Updated July 10, 2017