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Waterson, Sarah, b. 1963
is a practising and exhibiting artist and designer since 1987. Her works include electronic installations, collaborations with performers, video and audio work, generative and software ...
Updated Nov. 30, 2018
da Rimini, Francesca
An artist who works through hypertextual narrative artform to create complex and poetic works for the Internet and installation. Her work has explored the artistic ...
Updated Aug. 3, 2016
vns matrix
Cyberfeminism art group active in the 1990s, comprising Francesca da Rimini, Josephine Starrs, Julianne Pierce and Virginia Barratt.
Updated June 20, 2015
Starrs, Josephine
Josephine Starrs is a new media artist who often collaborates with Leon Cmielewski producing a variety of hybrid media art installations
Updated April 11, 2014