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Parr, Mike, b. 1945
Working across a range of media that includes performance, installation, sculpture, drawing, drypoint etching and photography, Mike Parr is regarded as one of the most ...
Updated Jan. 21, 2021
Temin, Kathy, b. 1968
Kathy Temin uses synthetic fur to cloak her sculptures of memory and loss, using soft materials against hard geometric form.
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Gower, Elizabeth, b. 1952
Makes collages on a variety of unusual transparent surfaces.
Updated Aug. 27, 2019
von Sturmer, Daniel, b. 1972
Daniel von Sturmer was born in 1972 in Auckland, New Zealand, moving to Melbourne in 1994. In his work, he often experiments how different objects ...
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Updated Jan. 11, 2019
McGillick, Tony, b. 1941
A colour field painter who was also one of the founders and directors of Central Street Gallery in Sydney.
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Ramsden, Mel, b. 1944
Mel Ramsden was one of the key figures in the Art and Language conceptual art movement in London, New York and Australia.
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Hunter, Robert, b. 1947
Robert Hunter is best known for his rigorous works, painted in shades of white. He was one of the artists exhibiting in The Field of ...
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Jacks, Robert, b. 1943
Robert Jacks is one of the first generation of Australian artists to take nourishment from the post war American artists, rather than looking to Europe. ...
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