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Buckland, A. E., b. 1790
Botanical artist, A.E. Buckland produced a number of watercolours between 1847 and 1850 that are now held in the collection of the Tasmanian Museum and ...
Buckland, M.
An art student at NSW Academy of Art, exhibited at its fourth annual exhibition.
Buckland, W. H.
Federation period Tasmanian artist, Mrs W.H. Buckland exhibited with the Art Society of Tasmania in 1899.
Buckland, Ken, b. 1921
Buckland was a commercial artist and painter with British art training, arriving in Australia in the 1960s. He exhibited widely featuring in regional shows such ...
Buckley, Edna May, b. 1910
In 1964 she began to teach at the Willoughby Art Centre and was founding member of the Sydney Printmakers' Group.
Buckley, J.
A late 19th century Sydney art student.
Buckmaster, Ernest, b. 1897
Prolific mid 20th century Melbourne portrait and landscape painter
Budden, Earl
Contemporary painter and cartoonist.
Buderus, Louis
A photographer from Queensland, had a studio in Clermont circa 1884.
Budge, George S. B.
George S.B. Budge was a naval officer who sketched a drawing in 1870 that is now in the National Library of Australia.
Budge, Milton, b. 1941
Milton Budge, Thungutti painter was born in 1941 on Burnt Bridge Mission in Kempsey on the NSW mid-north coast. His paintings depict local Dreaming stories, ...